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Delayed Not Denied

Yesterday I was driving on the highway headed to my niece/goddaughter's birthday party and saw a sign that said to expect delays due to an accident. I shouted loudly, "You can't be serious; we are going to be late." The highway got backed up quickly, and I stopped and paused and said, "We will eventually get there." I was reminded how a few months ago when I went through a delay myself, and your girl was livid. The two things dealt with insurance in two separate fields: home and health. Look here; I used the little PTO hours I had remaining for a doctor's appointment. I was driving, listening to my trap music, and my phone rang. I instantly smacked my teeth and rolled my eyes because I knew what time it was. The doctor's office only calls for one or three things, bad news, money, or rescheduling appointments. I knew I had paid all my bills and was already aware of the report, so an appointment cancellation was the only thing that came to mind.

My preauthorization was not approved because the doctor's office dropped the ball, delaying my surgery. Let me tell you something, the words I uttered were not holy. I was ready to Jazmine Sullivan and "Bust the Windows out of their cars; however, I took deep breaths and turned around. I was frustrated because I felt like I was getting hit with a left and right from each direction. I strategically planned my life out for the next few months but had to now rearrange due to someone else holding up the process. I had to pivot and come up with a new game plan. My cousin's voice was playing in my head as I remembered our conversation about missing church that past Sunday and all I could say was, "Heffa." She reminded me of the seasoned folks who be like God Don't Like Ugly". I seriously was like God was not pleased with me and didn't want to talk about it; however, my closest friends and family offered me some encouraging words and put things in perspective. I have to be transparent and say it worked for a few days, and the longer I was delayed, the more impatient I became. I was back in the sunken place all over something that was delayed but not denied


When a delay happens, we tend to question it. We get beside ourselves and try to force something we can not control. We try everything to speed up the process, sometimes leading to an extended delay. We may never understand the reasoning; behind the delay; however, it's in our best interest. A flight delay is usually for safety reasons, but we get agitated because we are ready to reach our destination. School delays are due to inclement weather, so now the parents are stuck with a shadow, and me time becomes we time. We look at delays like denial and go through various emotions for something not right now but in due time. We don't consider that things still have to be ironed out. What if the doctor performing my surgery hands were doing the Harlem Shake (shaky) on the original day of my surgery? What if the flight that's taking you to Miami didn't get the slight repair done before taking off? What if you were watching the evening news and saw a deadly accident took place down the street at 7:30 that morning, and if your child's bus was on the road, it would have been them? We have to look at our lives delays as nothing but protection. God sees ahead further ahead than we do. He knows some of the things we desire, the timing may not be good, or it's still things in the background that need to be worked out.

If only we could remember who is the Pilot of our lives and that a co-captain is not needed. It's a solo flight, and God will get us to our destinations. Focus on the positive things and change your mindset. Know that no matter what, God is in control, and trust he will get you to your destination safely. So buckle up, and although you may feel tired, trust that you are delayed and not denied.

I challenge you not to let today's delays hinder you on your way!

  1. What do you do when you experience a delay?

  2. How can you change your mindset, or what things can you do as you are waiting for approval?

  3. Do you look at a delay as a sign to stop whatever process you are doing or to keep going with hesitation?

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