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While traveling to Atlanta last week for a memorial service for my husband's grandmother, I was in deep thought. Your girl had nothing but time because it was almost an eight-hour drive. I watched the many vehicles on the road, from semi-trucks to cars. I thought about how the truck drivers commanded the road without thinking. I looked over at the many cars that figured they had the horsepower to run the road with the truck drivers. The cars appeared to be at an advantage because they could maneuver easily due to not carrying a load. The truck drivers, on the other hand, could keep up but not at the car's speed because of their load and could not jump in and out of lanes. The truck drivers were headed to the destination designed for them; however, those in the cars acted as if they were in a race, which I am sure was far from the truck driver's mind. It made me think about life and how so many of us have people that come alongside us to perpetuate like they are on this road called “Life” with us. They sit at your table, ride in your car, travel with you, and call you family. I am talking about people you call your ride or die, homie, dawg, girl, or boy, and not the roadrunner bird from Looney Tunes that said, “Meep Meep.”

What’s A Roadrunner?

Roadrunners are very strategic people that make you feel comfortable to the point you are oblivious to their true intentions. Most roadrunners act like they have your back to the end, and secretly they are wishing it bend. The plan is not to walk alongside you but to be you. Involvement and support are their specialties but they are secretly plotting to pass you up. Many of us have roadrunners in our lives riding next to us, but we do not take notice because we do not think to check our side mirrors due to our comfortability. We are so focused on our destination that someone trying to copy us, let alone pass us up, is far from our radar. Think about a race, whether track and field or cars. The person is in competition, and they develop a strategy of how they win. They have to study, ask questions, follow you and learn all your tricks so they can try to beat you. They may act like they do not know what they are doing, and out of nowhere, they speed up to pass you by in hopes of making it to the finish line before you. The funny thing is, you are not in a race with no one but yourself and just walking in the gifts God destined for you. The other person does not see that because they want what you have. Truthfully, what it has taken to get you to the moment you currently are at that didn't even get to witness that, but they want the lane not created for them.

Why Are You Racing?

Roadrunners race because they do not have their own lane and try to get in yours. Instead of determining what destiny looks like for them, they skip out on the work and copy you. When you identify you have a roadrunner in your life, child, please do not feel betrayed or even shocked because all roads eventually run out. The reality is you are ten steps ahead of them. Yes, you may think they have it going on, and it looks like they are getting so far but know that they will lose traction, their stamina will decrease, and they will no longer be able to continue the race because it was never intended for them. Sis, how you gone come to a race you were not invited to. I have encountered many roadrunners in my life, and when I identified their intentions, I removed them from my race. Although it was hard, it was necessary.

The roadrunners you experience, do not worry about them. Just know they may seem like they have gotten ahead, but eventually, you will pass them. The reality of knowing they must see you when the road runs out on the way to your destiny (destination) let it form a smile on your face. Do not be bitter; just wave, say “Meep Meep,” and take the place intended for you.

I challenge you today to do an inventory for the r0adrunners in your life. Ask yourself the questions below.

1. Are you able to identify the roadrunners?

2. What will you do when you realize who they are?

3. How will you navigate after?

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