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On Saturday morning, I woke up, and all I heard was the word "Trigger." I didn't understand why I was hearing it; however, I knew it had to be a reason. I'm a person who can feel things before they happen. Honestly, the shit is scary sometimes, but this is just how God made me, so I embrace it. Most of my family look at me like I'm crazy because I remember my dreams, wake up, and talk about them the next day in full detail. I usually dream or have a feeling before something takes place, so I typically keep my head on a swivel. I also become more aware during these times, and my senses are through the roof. Chile, Saturday, your girl was not feeling the best, and the things I'm usually on point with, I was not that day. I encountered something that triggered me and was impacted all across the board. A few days before this happened. I had a conversation with my mom and told her I felt something brewing; however, one of my closest friends warned me a few weeks prior.

Warning Shots Fired

Sis was on point with the warning because, baby, it came to fruition but not how I thought it would. I thought it would be more direct, yet it was not, and your girl was not ready. My initial reaction was calm because I had to restrain myself and give my son the space to vent; however, when I hung up the phone from him, I let it rip. I was ready to "Put My Hood Up" in the words of LIL JON and The East Side Boyz but I did not. I couldn't let my son see me react to a battle that belonged to him, not me. I started to dwell on it and became hotter than fish in grease on a Saturday afternoon at the church fish fry. At that moment, I realized I was triggered, and my friend's warning and the words I heard that morning had come to pass yet I still wasn't ready.

What is a Trigger and What Do They Look Like?

Triggers are reminders that something you once loved, valued, invested in, sacrificed for, or experienced, had a lasting impression. The impact may be good or bad; however, you don't forget. You can become triggered when a memory crosses your mind, the smell of a fragrance, a song on the radio, driving a past old job, or even a holiday coming around. The issue with triggers is that they can overtake you when you don't know how to handle them and when others identify them, we don't listen because we think "We Got This".

How often do we get warnings from others or a feeling that we don't take heed to? We think we can handle it until we realize it is familiar, and by that time, we are triggered. We set ourselves back because of how we respond, but why do we often react in a negative manner and not keep cool? The reason is that we are human and are not always on point. We can easily get caught slipping, which is okay, but we must keep that trigger finger (reaction) in the holster tucked away.

  1. How will you respond to your triggers?

  2. Will you take heed to the warnings?

  3. Are you actively working to change your reaction when the same trigger presents itself?

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