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Under Construction

Imagine driving down the road on a hot day when the air goes out in your car, and you are rushing to get to work or drop kids off at daycare. The street you take daily all of a sudden is blocked off, and now you are forced to take a detour. A state of frustration begins to overtake you because one, you are hot, and two, you are about to be late to work. You start to panic, causing yourself to be even hotter than you were, and your day is off to a bad start. You look up, and all you see are construction cones and signs, and now you are singing Deborah Cox's How Did You Get Here.". The postings were there; however, you don't pay attention even when warned.


Construction planning is very strategic because engineers must make proper provisions due to the financial impact, time, and staffing necessary to complete the project in a timely manner. The planning also includes those traveling in the area to help them prepare for a detour, congestion, and avoidance of frustration during these times. Most people are so used to a routine that they hop in their cars and trust the road will be clear on the daily path they travel. We forget to look at our surroundings and miss important things like warning signs informing us that it will be inaccessible for some time. It's no different than how we conduct our lives while we are "Under Construction, but the question is, why?

Hardhead and Not Hardhats

The answer is simple, "We don't think fat meat is greasy, as my husband always says. Meaning we don't believe what we see. We fail to take heed to what was clearly in plain sight. We choose to take routes, causing frustration, angriness, missed opportunities, and in situations we had no place in being involved. We don't map out anything but dive right in and wonder why when a detour is present; we are now like the person with no air about to be late for work. Your girl has not adhered to warning signs while under Construction. I delayed my progression, and it took longer to attain things because I chose the route I wanted to take.

Many of us are currently under construction or coming out of the work zone, We are trying to figure out if the detours we are taking will lead us to where we are supposed to land in life. We are trying to navigate on our own or looking for direction from others, but how beneficial is that. You must take your time, pay attention, plan, and take the proper detour to complete the project you are working on (Self). Trust the signs so that you can see the final project.

  1. How do you handle detours?

  2. Are you willing to pay attention to the warning signs?

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