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Weed Control

Have you ever driven past someone's house and noticed they had a lot of weeds in their garden? Hell, have you ever been that person who let the weeds in your garden grow out of control because I recently let mine get off the chain? My mom warned me to get them while they were forming, but I insisted on waiting. I am not the type of chick that plants flowers or likes landscaping because bugs and snakes are not my friends, so getting out there in my flower bed was challenging. So, I put on some long pants and a shirt and started to pull up the weeds. I'll be honest I stood there first doing an evaluation and instantly wanted to quit, but in all honesty, no matter how bad it was, it needed to be done. Baby, I was out of breath, and you would have thought I was running on a treadmill. I had to wrap my hands around most of them to get to the root. I was so damn tired and sore after, but as I lay in the bed, I thought about how deeply rooted some of our weeds (issues) are.

What Are Weeds?

Weeds are seeds in the ground that grow from their environment. You can look in your flower bed one day and see nothing; however, they lie dormant until they move above the soil. If not addressed promptly with a solution or by physically pulling them up, they will continue to grow, and the next thing you know, they are all over the place. They take little to spread and grow in other areas. Once removed, they will continue returning with a vengeance if you don't create a barrier and do maintenance. The crazy thing is most people know and yet still let them grow.

In our lives, we allow weeds to take over our flower beds (minds). The forming of them starts with something a person has said or done to us. We start digesting it and begin to water them. We call everyone, tell them the situation, and invite them to do an evaluation. The reasoning behind it because are trying to find a way around what we already know needs to be done. Instead of getting to the source, we dwell in them.

In conclusion, we can control the weeds if we get a handle on them early on. Stop allowing others to assess your problems when you know how to get to the roots yourself. In getting to the sources, be open-minded and understand that it won't always be easy, and you may experience some pain after. Do what you must to heal yourself because your flower bed will be much better.

I challenge you to ask yourself the questions below!

  1. What weeds do I need to pull up in my life?

  2. Do I need to re-evaluate my environment?

  3. How can I take control before they spread?

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