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What Kind of Veil Are You Wearing?

I remember a few years ago when I was going to Canada with my mother, and she asked me to assist her in speaking. The topic was veils, which prompted me to think about wedding veils, which triggered me. I’ve been married for almost ten years but never had my dream wedding. Due to our living status, I had a small wedding on a Thursday in February before the large wedding I was supposed to have in June of that year. We were active in the church, living together, and the cat was let out of the bag. We chose to have a small wedding after being pulled into the office on a Tuesday to avoid being sat down. Marriage licenses were obtained the next day, and we were married by Thursday. We lost out on deposits, and I still have a dress I never wore in my closet, which I regretted for a long time. If I was the person, I am today; I would’ve just sat down until June and did it our way. I’m glad my mother wanted me to assist her because it allowed me to speak about the one thing I never got the chance to shop for.

What’s the Purpose of the Veil?

I am an absolute fan of weddings, so veils are something I’m intrigued by. My favorite wedding show on tv is “Say Yes to the Dress” because the dresses are gorgeous. The thing I love the most is not the dresses but the veil the women choose. Veils are something that comes in different styles, which almost makes it as hard to choose the dress. Women wear veils, so they don’t expose their faces while walking down the aisle to marry the love of their life. The beauty of the veil is the bride can see her husband and the direction she is headed; however, he can only catch a glimpse of her. He must wait until the moment when he can pull it away, which is my favorite because of the element of surprise. I could only imagine what the groom thinks when he takes it off, like, “Damn girl, you fine.” I love that a veil is unnecessary; however, if you find one you like and it doesn’t fit, it can be altered but prepare to pay.


The veil is simple to purchase; however, it may need to be altered based on the length or size of your head. The veil price can range from a small bill to a used car, depending on the specifications. You want it to fit nicely so that there are no issues on your big day. Imagine walking down the aisle and it’s sliding off your head, and if you have a head like mine, good luck, sis because not one size fits at all for me. I’m not the type of chick that can walk in “Lids” and grab a hat and go. I must try on several because God created me with a bigger brain, which means he had to give me more space than most. The alterations aren’t the only thing isn’t the only thing that you have to worry about with the veil, but the weight of it.

How Heavy is your Veil?

Veils carry a lot of weight, depending on the structure. Many brides like to add extra bling and extra length, so now that changes things. Veils range from shoulder length to cathedral length. If that veil is anywhere from shoulder length to waltz length, you don’t need any help with it on your big day. It would be best if you had someone to carry that veil when it reaches floor length. Why? Because you don’t want it to drag through all the dirt while getting to the alter. You’ve spent too much time and money on alterations for it to be dragging along, so you are going to do what’s necessary to make sure it stays presentable, meaning you must put someone else responsible for something you want.

So why are so many of us walking around with veils on? Do we not realize how heavy it is to carry it, the price we pay, and the hard work it takes to keep it? You don’t even need a veil yet want to put one on. Many of us want to put them on in our lives because we don’t want people to see us for who we are, just a glimpse. The fear of them being able to identify the altered person cost more as opposed to “Letting the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up.” We are afraid if they see the person coming down the aisle and not the person with the veil pulled back, the element of surprise might be ugly. The cost of the weight of carrying the veil is too much. Let’s be honest, sis, you need to treat it like a hot wig that’s been on your head, snatch it off, and put it to the side. The people who helped you carry the floor-length veil may no longer be there to carry you because now they no longer have a purpose in your life. It’s okay because those observing you walk down the aisle as you carried the veil can embrace you better because now, they see the real you. I challenge you to remove the veils in your life. Be open and transparent because you don’t know the reaction you will get when you are no longer in hiding. Know that just because you are giving a person a glimpse of who you are doesn’t mean they don’t see right through you. The people who are waiting for you to come out of hiding will be to receive you with open arms. Ask yourself these questions!

  1. What veils are you wearing?

  2. What adjustments do you need to make?

  3. Is it worth the weight you carry?

  4. How can you remove the veils in your life?

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Detrionne Davis
Detrionne Davis
Jun 30, 2022

🔥🔥🔥 Beautiful analogy. Time to take off the vail be open and let the real slim shady stand up.

Replying to

Thanks Detri!

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