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When you hear the word influencer nowadays, the first thing most people think of is social media. You see influencers on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, podcasts, and other platforms often receiving income; however, many aren’t. They are the people that have an impact on not only us but our children as well because of their presentation, whether good or bad. We often hear our children reciting what they are saying and even impersonating us to the point in some households. They will listen to social media before they listen to their parents; however, some of the things they ingest are unhealthy. As an adult, I have learned some great tools from influencers and heard things I thought were toxic. Now if I notice that it left a bad taste in my mouth, I have to do my part to ensure I not only monitor the influences but make sure, as a parent, I’m the example. This very thing is what my pastor Father-in-law preached about today. He spoke about how we live our lives in front of children as the example they will have, AKA influence.

My parents were some of the biggest influencers in my life. The way they lived their lives and the things they taught us is what shaped us. Talking was common in our household, but I didn’t always take heed. Don’t get it twisted. Just because they were positive influencers didn’t mean I always made the best decisions. I started the application when I became an adult, and when encountering negative influences, I would somehow remember our conversations. I can honestly say this helped me to get out of situations and be more aware of others, but what if I didn’t have positive influencers in my life? The outcome could have been different.

Negative influencers in a house typically will make a child resentful or resilient. I have had plenty of conversations with people whose mothers or fathers were present and volatile or not present, and the impact is significant. The children typically decide early on in their lives that they will be nothing like them, or they naturally encompass the same traits no matter what their bad example had an impact, whether positive or negative. The decision to not deal with their parents happen based on if they feel like they will not be impacted by their interactions which has to be hard because these are the people who were supposed to be the positive examples.

In conclusion, our children are watching us, and although they may appear not to be listening, they are. It may take a little longer to see, but trust what you have taught them. Be the examples they need, so they don’t have to look for it in others.

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions!

  1. How can you be a better influence on your children?

  2. Do you want the world to be their example?

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