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Smoke Detector

How many times have you been on the phone with someone, and all you heard was a noise that sounded like a cricket in the background? The initial thought is, what is that noise? So you eventually ask the other person what you are talking about. Most people will say Shhhhhh be quiet." I'll let you know when I hear it again. The moment the chirp goes off, you say, "That's It,' and the person is like, "Girl," that ain't nothing but the smoke detector. The craziest thing, but most people get used to that noise. Your girl is guilty because I've done this. We will go to Target 5 times, CVS 5, and still not pick up a battery because we think it's not urgent, but is it wise? The answer is no because what happens when a fire breaks out and destroy everything? The things that follow along are more significant than the two seconds it would have taken to replace the damn battery, yet we are letting it continually be a distraction in our background.

The purpose of the smoke detector is to notify a person that there is a fire in the home or a potential risk, whether that's cooking and you are burning up food or if the battery has gone out. The detector will let you know that help is needed and most definitely will humble you in the same process. In most homes, you will find them in the halls, bedrooms, and throughout the house. They are there, but most people forget all about them until they send an unfriendly reminder similar to what we experience with people in our daily lives.

How many times have there been signs about things or people around? The alarms kept going off, but you ignored them because you thought they would be okay if you dealt with it later. Those around you kept asking what was happening, but you said, " Oh, that's nothing. I deal with it later until all hell (the fire) breaks loose, and you are trying to determine how you got there. Now you are stuck waiting for the smoke to clear so you can see what is potentially salvageable in the situation. You are waiting for the clearance to go back and see if it's worth saving or a total loss when you could have just addressed the warning beforehand.

In conclusion, we are given warning signs at times; however, there are times when there is a malfunction, and you don't know what's to come. Therefore, we should take the time and watch out for the alarms, know when it's time to reset, and know that sometimes when the smoke clears, it might be a total loss.

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions!

  1. Do you realize the warning signs in front of you about people and things?

  2. How long are you going to continue to ignore the warnings?

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